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We live in the most connected society in history. But are we flourishing?


U.S. adults

report feeling lonely


U.S. college students

report “overwhelming anxiety”


U.S. employees

report they lack passion for their work

What if we could help each other take small steps to turn those trends around?

We’ve built a deep understanding of wellbeing


Our capacity to adapt, change, and respond to life's challenges. Resilience enables us to recover from setbacks, to grow, and to develop new capabilities.


The meaning and significance we experience in our lives; our values, core beliefs, and sense of life purpose; and our experience of deep social connections.


Our sense of identity, which includes the beliefs we hold about who we are as human beings, our self-image and self-worth, and our sense of respect and dignity.


The emotional dynamics and the subjective quality of our daily lives. Happiness is linked to enhanced health, creativity, decision making, and adversity response.

How can I boost my wellbeing?


Unlock Your Wellbeing Profile

Take our scientific assessment and unlock your wellbeing profile: with results across four dimensions and twelve sub-dimensions of wellbeing, tailored insights, and suggested practices.

Coming in early 2020


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Wellbeing Practices

Browse our full library of proven wellbeing practices, shared by trusted guides. Our mobile app makes it simple to discover, commit to, and engage with the practices that work well for you.

Coming in early 2020

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The WorkWell program was created by the Wellbeing at Work research team, which is funded by the Lilly Endowment and the John Templeton Foundation. Learn more about the research program and team at

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