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who help others.

WorkWell is designed to meet the unique emotional needs of caregiving professionals like you. As someone who spends your day helping others, it can be easy to overlook your own wellbeing. But studies show that an awareness of your wellbeing leads to better self-care.

WorkWell was developed by the Wellbeing at Work research team, after studying more than 400 clergy and humanitarian workers. Our research depends on the “power of large numbers” to gain an understanding of what helps people flourish at work. As more people participate in the WorkWell program, we build practical strategies that we share with caregiving professionals and organizations.

By participating in WorkWell, you receive a personal wellbeing profile. Even better, you give the Wellbeing at Work researchers insights and information they use to support caregiving organizations worldwide.

Studies show that an awareness of wellbeing leads to better self-care.

How it works.

WorkWell helps you track and monitor wellbeing. But even more importantly, it helps our researchers develop practical insights to support the wellbeing of clergy and humanitarian workers worldwide.

About the team.

The WorkWell program was created by the Wellbeing at Work research team, which is funded by the Lilly Endowment and the John Templeton Foundation. Learn more about the research program and team at

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If you lead a caregiving organization and are interested in letting your organization use the app, contact us.

57% of humanitarian workers have recently experienced symptoms consistent with depression.